Growing Pains.

The other day, a package arrived for me.


I didn’t realize it was Christmas!


See how happy I was?


After charging my receiver and watching the tutorial videos (twice), I was ready to rock and roll.


Let’s do this!

Inserted my sensor using the handy-dandy instructions.  Watching the tutorial videos definitely helped!



Beeeep. Booop. Bee-Boop. (Robot Speak?)

I am now, a partial cyborg.  I will consider myself a full cyborg once my Ping arrives, but alas, that is another story for another day.

I was very nervous about the first insertion.  I thought it would hurt more than changing an infusion site on a pump, but honestly, I didn’t feel it at all.  Which made me wonder if I did it wrong.  The only challenge was positioning of my hands, which I’m sure will get easier as I get used to the process.  Also, my boobs kind of got in the way.  May be a little easier to do in front of the mirror.

After the two hour waiting period, I calibrated my new toy.  Everything was running great, I was compulsively checking my Dexcom to see what my sugar was doing and was quickly falling in love.

However, after my shower, I received an unwelcome present:


Not the question marks!


Siiiiiigh.  As any PWD will tell you, nothing goes as planned!  I impatiently waited the 3 hours for my Dexcom to come back online and give me readings, but alas, it had gone to Dexcom Sensor Heaven – as confirmed by the very nice, very kind Dexcom rep I spoke to.  (FYI, they are sending me a new sensor, no questions asked!)


Being that it was 11:00pm at this point, I decided to go to bed.  However, I did leave the sensor in with the hopes that maybe, just maybe it would come back to life.  Plus, I thought it may be a good idea to get used to sleeping with it.  But, I woke up this morning and my receiver was still giving me the ??? attitude, so off the sensor went.

It was a bit easier to insert the sensor the second time around, which reinforces my thought that it will become much less awkward.

After waiting the 2 hours and calibrating, I have been getting readings all day with no errors.  I am exercising my OCD tendencies and checking my new toy every few minutes.  It is SO COOL to see what my sugar is doing.  And, being that I am a nerd, I have tested a few times for comparison.


Pretty dang accurate!

Of course no day with D is complete with out some sort of fluctuating blood sugar.  My Dexcom started vibrating as my coworker and I were getting lunch and it said I was reading “72”. I had just tested myself a few minutes before to give myself my lunch time bolus and was 93, so I’m not sure if I dropped that quickly in the few blocks between the office and the cafe or what.  But I felt OK and figured I’d test when I got back to my desk.

By that time my Dexcom was vibrating like crazy and all I could see was the double down arrows.


Came back to the office and sure enough:


Felt closer to 69 than 49.

Luckily, I wasn’t too terribly low, however I did enjoy the company of a vibrating Dexcom during my lunch break.  Although the reading on the Dexcom wasn’t 100% accurate, I was glad for the head’s up.

So that’s my first day 6 hours with the Dexcom.

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