Today is one of those days where I need tooth picks to prop my eyes open. Woke up high and according to my Dexcom, I was running high all night:


Ruh roh. Is anyone else super sleepy when they wake up on the high side?

Good news is what comes up must come down (with the help of a mini-rage bolus). I’ll wake up by lunchtime. Maybe.


Also, I need a name for my Dexcom, because that’s what the cool kids do.  I’m thinking Dexter the Dexcom, however I have seen all of zero episodes of Dexter.  Conundrum.

2 thoughts on “*yawn*

  1. Well, I don’t use a Dexcom (I’m a Medtronic guy), but if I did, I would most certainly name it Eileen … in homage to the 1982 song by Dexy’s Midnight Runners. That might be a little before your time, though.

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