Things Diabetes has taught me…

Inspired by a post on Reddit…
What has Diabetes taught me?

Diabetes has taught me…

…to be really, really good with numbers.  Frequently the Hubs asks me “what’s x + y” and I laugh because who can’t do addition like that in their head???  And then I remember that he doesn’t have the ‘betes, therefore he doesn’t have an honorary math degree and he isn’t a bonehead and is actually really, really smart and I should probably stay married to him.  ;o)

…that shots are no big deal.  Seriously, why’d I freak so much as a kid?  If the nurse would let me, I’d give myself my yearly flu shot.  Followed by a lollypop, of course.

…to not compare myself to others.  I often get jealous of friends losing weight rather quickly and I get very frustrated that it takes me a month to lose 2 pounds.  Yet I can put that 2 pounds on just by looking at a cookie.  What gives?  It’s my own journey…must embrace it.

…to be more compassionate.  Diabetes sucks.  But it could be a hell of a lot worse.

…that sweating the small stuff is stupid.  I can’t control everything.  I can have duplicate numbers on different days, treat identically, and get different results.  It happens.  Treat and move on.  Life happens.  Deal with it and move on.

…that exercise is important.  Sitting on my butt all day at a desk job means I have to make the effort to exercise, and when I do, my numbers thank me.

…that food is important too.  I struggle a lot with this and wish that I would remember this more often in the heat of the moment when I’m faced with deciding between nachos and beer or salad and water, that while nachos and beer will make me happy right now, salad and water will make me feel better in the future.

…to forgive myself.  Sometimes the nachos and beer are worth it.  🙂

…to ask for help.  People love and care about me.  I’m not going at this alone.  My Hubs is my number one fan and an awesome Type 3-er.  He’s not the diabetes police (although he’d look super cute in a cop uniform, yowza!), but he is supportive and shows concern when needed.  We have a good thing goin’ on.

…that what goes down, must come up.  Blood sugar low?  It’ll come up (with a little help).  Bad diabetes day?  Tomorrow will be better.

…all the cool kids are cyborgs.  ‘Nuff said.

What has diabetes taught you – either as a person living with it or as a Type 3-er?

4 thoughts on “Things Diabetes has taught me…

  1. I wrote a something similar to this. Diabetes, though it does suck sometimes, has been a great teacher. I agree with all your points. Great post! 🙂

  2. Great post! It teaches you things you don’t even realise I think! I’m a type 1 writing about life with the condition, have a little look at my site if you have a minute, would love to know what you think 🙂

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