Magical Powers I wish the Dexcom had

A list, by Laura.

1.  I wish you could customize alerts by time of day.  I would love to be able to have my settings so my alarms vibrate during the work day and are deafening at night.  Granted I can change them manually, but I forget.  And really, who has that extra 30 seconds in their day?  ;o)

2.  The case.  Oh, the case.  Does anyone else feel like a late 90s business man with this leather snappy case?  Let’s get on the ball and get some more functional attractive options, Dexcom.  Also, an armband for when exercising would be super!!!

3.  Technical issues.  I wish the software was compatible with Windows 8, which I have on my home computer.  Or, even better – Web-based!!  The rumor mill says that Dexcom is working on this, which I really hope is true.

4.  Count my steps for me?  Really, how cool would it be if Dexcom had a pedometer option?  It could automatically know when you’re more active and it’d be cool to see how many steps I take a day.  A girl can dream.

5.  Average BG on the receiver.  Sure would be great to be able to push a button and see my average BG on the receiver rather than having to connect to a computer.

What powers do you wish the Dexcom had?

6 thoughts on “Magical Powers I wish the Dexcom had

  1. I’m not on the pump but if I were I’d want all of this too. I know it seems silly but I wish diabetic stuff wasn’t so .. Medical looking. Ha. Ha. 🙂

    • I think the Dexcom is pretty nice looking, but I do wish the case was more attractive. It is so bulky and having to unsnap it to see the receiver annoys me a lot more than it probably should. I’d like to see just a clip, insulin pump style. Hopefully Dexcom is working on some more options!

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