DSMA Blog Carnival – Diabetes Strengths and Weaknesses.

I really enjoyed participating in Diabetes Blog week – the topics were great and I loved being challenged to answer specific questions related to diabetes and living with the disease.  I also found some great new blogs to follow and I am learning from and laughing with them every day now!

I was delighted to hear about the Diabetes Social Media Advocacy monthly Blog Carnival!  I am looking forward to the monthly topic and finding some more great blogs to follow.

The topic for May is:

What do you consider to be your Diabetes Strengths?  What do you think are your Diabetes Weaknesses?

I posted a couple of months ago about things that diabetes has taught me and although these are strengths, I wouldn’t say they are necessarily “diabetes” strengths.  I think that my biggest strength with managing diabetes is that I’m never too lazy to test my blood glucose.  If I feel off in any way, I test.  I prefer the peace of mind knowing what my body is doing so I can treat accordingly, rather than guessing.  I frequently get angry at my father because he is absolutely a lazy tester.  He will wait and wait and wait to test, meanwhile his sugar is plummeting or sky-rocketing.  I really wish that he would realize that it takes 30 seconds to test and it could make such a difference!  Granted, now that I am on the CGM, I don’t test as frequently but I’ve never been one to slack on testing if I feel weird.

A weakness I’d say, at least recently, is my laziness when it comes to exercising.  I know exercise is an important factor in diabetes management.  But I’ve been seriously slacking in that department for the past 8ish months.  I recently started a challenge with some girlfriends to exercise 20 times before the end of June.  I already have 2 workouts under my belt, so I am on my way!  I am hoping that this challenge will help me get in the good habit of going to the gym more often than once/week.  My hips, butt, and thighs will thank me, right?  Oh yeah, and my blood sugars too…

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