Friday Five!

This post is partly inspired by a friend of mine who, every friday on her blog, posts 5 reasons why she loves her husband.  I’ve decided to steal the idea from her, but of course with a diabetes twist.  So every friday I’m going to post 5 random Diabetes related thoughts.

1.  Please make up your dang mind about my blood sugar during exercise!  Some days I go high, some days I go low.
2.  Why does insulin have to smell like bandaids?  Why can’t it smell like flowers?
3.  I really grinds my gears when I try to upload my data from my pump, get to about 95% complete and then the ezManager program tells me that the upload has failed.  *Banging head against wall*
4.  When I pack for trips and my husband is all, “Why are you packing so much?!” you give me an excuse to need the bigger suitcase in which I may or may not sneak extra clothes.  🙂
5.  The 10 day old OpSite Flexifix tape’s peeling looks like I have the skin of an old lady who spends way too much time in the sun.  I’m channelling my inner Magda.

5 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. Lol, #2 my hubby always complained about the smell of my insulin before I got the pump. He would be such a big baby about it not getting near him. I guess I got use to it cuz I really didn’t notice a smell. #4, great excuse for packing more clothes. Love it!

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