Sensor conundrum.

Today marks the two week birthday of my current sensor.  *throws confetti*  This frugal diabetic is psyched that I am getting extra life out of this sensor.  I am wearing it on my right thigh, in a location I’ve never even used as a pump infusion site.  I must say, I really like this area of real estate and anticipate my next sensor to be on my left thigh.  Sometimes I forget about it when I’m pulling down my pants for the 9,000 daily trips to the ladies room, but the not painful snag of my pants on the sensor reminds me.  Other than that…absolutely no major issues with this site.  Sensor is accurate, it’s comfortable, I dig it.  Yay!

As much as I love this spot, I have a conundrum.  I feel that the tape is peeling a bit more on my thigh than sites on my belly (Likely due to additional rubbing of clothing, I’m guessing), and my patchwork job to reinforce the tape is not very attractive.  I started the sensor with my donut-hole OpSite Flexifix and have been patching up the corners with squares of IV 3000 as needed.  However, despite this, the sensor is still working and working well.  Fellow CGM-ers…what do you do?  Replace the sensor when the tape gets nasty or keep reinforcing until the sensor finally poops out?

My current plan is to keep the sensor alive as long as possible.  Since Diabetes ain’t cheap to treat, and each sensor costs about $20, I think I can put my vanity aside for a little while in order to save a few bucks.  I suppose starring in that Nair commercial will just have to wait.

10 thoughts on “Sensor conundrum.

  1. I’ve never had to use anything but a Skin-tac swab. After I insert the DexCom, I wipe the swab around the entire adhesive. Once it dries (a few minutes later) I have never had an issue with it staying on for upwards of 14-21 days. The sensor usually craps out before actually falling off. I still have to use a Uni-Solve wipe to get it off my leg, it’s stuck on that well. Have you just tried that instead of all the layers of tape, etc.? P.S. I shower everyday and that sucker still stays on.

      • Just go to and type in Skin-tac wipes. They sell them in boxes of 50. Uni-solve is the same way. I use Skin-tac to keep it on and Uni-solve to take it off. I write about this in my “DexCom Tips & Tricks” post…currently #2 most popular link on right side of my homepage. That will give you more details.

  2. I’m doing a trial run with my Dexcom sensor. I have it on my upper abdomen and so far so good. The only issue I’ve had is showering. I’m definitely convinced that it doesn’t like water (I managed to get myself a reel of tape). However it’s still going strong, Friday will make it two weeks. I’ve had to replace the tape once, because it did start lifting and just looked a little bit like dead skin haha. The tape is really great though! I say if the sensor is still going strong, stick with it until it dies. Like you said diabetes isn’t cheap at all. I always get my pump insert caught on clothing. I’ve had to remind myself a few times that the sensor is in my abdomen haha. I’ll definitely give my thigh a try though.

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