Radio Silence

There are not really words to properly ease into a post such as this so I think the best thing to do is to explain why I’ve been missing from the online world for the past week.  Last Monday, what was a normal work day, I received the call no one wants to ever receive.  My sister, my best friend, called me to tell me that my sweet little three-month-old nephew passed away at daycare.  He simply went down for a nap and did not wake up.  I am comforted to know that he is in Heaven surrounded by those who went before him, however, as anyone can imagine, it has been the most awful week filled with many tears.

The hubs and I stepped up and helped take care of my sister’s other three children as well as overseeing the rush of visitors, maintaining the home, keeping the fridge stocked, etc.  We are so fortunate that we live close so we were able to help out when otherwise we’d feel helpless.  I can only hope that we made things just a little bit easier as my sister and her husband made arrangements for the funeral services for their son.

I am pretty numb and in shock over this loss.  My sister and I have always been extremely close and since my husband and I moved to the area a little over a year ago, our bond has only grown stronger.  I’ve loved being close by to offer a helping hand with babysitting and just to spend time with the kids doing fun things and letting them get away with stuff a little more than Mommy and Daddy might.  I eagerly anticipated my baby nephew’s arrival and even took care of my sister’s other 3 children while she and her husband were welcoming the little one into the world back in March.  Over the past 3 months I’ve gotten to spend more time with a newborn than I ever have before and I was enjoying being able to see this nephew more often than his brothers and sister while he was so little and new.  I loved talking to him and having him coo and smile at me.  His big eyes melted my heart and I was so excited to see him grow up.  And selfishly, I was excited for our hopeful future baby to have a cousin semi-close in age to play with and be friends with.

My heart aches for my sister, brother-in-law, and their three children.  If there was anything I could do to take this pain away from them, I would.  I just ask that my friends hug their children tight, be grateful for all the blessings in your lives, and keep my family in your thoughts and prayers.


March 2, 2013 – June 10, 2013

11 thoughts on “Radio Silence

  1. I wondered where you were and had decided not to bother you, we never know what others are going through, but to hear this very sad news..this was not what I expected. I am so so sorry. He was such a handsome little guy! I will be thinking of you all and sending my love and prayers out to your families.

  2. Awwww so sorry to hear of your loss. My prayers are with you and your family!
    Your support, love and care for your sister and family is heart warming and will make such a difference during this challenging time!

  3. I just can’t imagine… actually had to walk away after reading the first two sentences of this post. Your nephew shares a first name with my oldest son (who also was a day-care baby) and.. well… your right. No one wants to get that call. I’m just speechless. My heart breaks for you and your sister and the whole family. I’m just so very, very sorry…

  4. I lived in fear of SIDS the first year of my daughter’s life. Each time I heard a story of someone losing a baby, I would break down into paralyzing bouts of crying and had irrational fear and panic take me over. I don’t think I ever truly knew what fear or worry was until I had a child. It’s so unfair, it’s so random, and my heart breaks for anyone who loses a child for any reason. Love and hugs to you and all your family.

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