Friday Fives – June 21

1.  I’ve tested my sugar approximately 32,000 times.  I strongly feel that all endocrinologist offices should provide manicures as part of our treatment.  (Pedicures would be nice too)

2.  Waking up with a 106 → and seeing that that’s where I hung out all night makes me feel like I can conquer the world.

3.  I need to get more blue clothing for blue Friday.

4.  Overnight lows while my husband is out-of-town scare the crap out of me.  Thank goodness for my Dexcom.

5.  (Not D-related) I don’t understand why celebs can’t name their children something normal, like “John” or “Jennifer”.  Kim and Kanye have named their daughter “North West”.  Why not name her “We hate you”?  Makes my blood boil (and blood sugar rise!  Ok, not really, but….)

7 thoughts on “Friday Fives – June 21

  1. That’s funny that you mention manicures in todays because I did on mine today too. My worst lows, it’s never fails that I’m by myself. Because a really bad one isn’t freaky enough in itself, add being alone and that just adds to the stress.

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