Wordless Wednesday – Pizza Party Pooper!


Pizza is a party pooper!


OK, not so wordless post, but my pretty-ish little graph needs an explanation.  On Friday night the hubs was getting home from traveling and instead of being an awesome wife and cooking a home-cooked welcome home meal, I decided to order pizza.  Since Pizza + Diabetes = Pain in the bolusing behind, I decided to do a combo bolus of 75% (6 units) pre-meal and 25% (2 units) 90 minutes post meal.  Didn’t work so hot.  I think next time I’ll try a 60/40 split with the second bolus 2-2.5 hours post-meal.  Oh, pizza, why do you have to be so good but so bolus-confusion-worthy?

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Pizza Party Pooper!

  1. Well, I don’t see on the graph any of your other boluses or corrections (part of the reason I like the Medtronic system – despite its purple-elephant-in-the-room-sized faults), but here’s my take — if you want it.

    Your six units at mealtime looks fine… you didn’t go too low or too high in the short term. Moving some of that insulin later would just push the BG rise earlier. I’m not sure you want that.

    Did you come down from the spike all on its own, or was a correction needed? If you needed to correct, take that amount and add it to the “later” part of the bolus (for next time), but keep the “now” as it is. Or, if it did come down on its own, then maybe you’re right, you just need more, sooner.

    It’s a tough trick to master — lord knows I haven’t done it — but thankfully we’ve got the tools to help us try.

    • I didn’t correction bolus but as I started to creep up I did a temp basal of +60% but I can’t remember how long I did it for. (Friday was a long time ago!)
      I think next time I need more insulin overall for sure. Although since I’m back on the dieting wagon, it will probably be a while before I have pizza again. Wah. 😦

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