Friday Fives – June 28

1.  I really wish the Dexcom showed your 24 hour average blood sugar on the receiver!

2.  I may have to try the side boob as a pump site.  Just to see.

3.  I love the weekly DSMA twitter chats.  So fun!

4.  My MySugr monster’s name is Dia-Butthead.  He’s not supposed to be so cute, is he?

5.  Pre-bolusing is a tricky thing when you realize that your baguette is stale.

4 thoughts on “Friday Fives – June 28

  1. Love them all! I want to know how # 2 goes for you. I really wish the MySugr app was available for other smart phones because I really want it, and I love that name by the way. Pre-bolusing I can see a huge difference when I do it, but its so hard sometimes!

    • I will let you know, for sure! I haven’t even tried my arm as a pump site yet, haha.

      Luckily I had a piece of homemade banana bread that I brought in yesterday and didn’t eat so I had half of that to make up for the nasty baguette. Fruit serving? ha!

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