Let Freedom Ring!

Happy Independence Day, my American friends.  One day I hope those of us living with and loving someone with Diabetes can celebrate our own Independence Day.  Imagine…

  • Freedom from having to test your blood sugar multiple times per day.
  • Freedom from worrying about the carbs in your meal and feeling guilty if you go over your recommended threshold.
  • Freedom from injections or wearing an insulin pump.
  • Freedom from bruises on your belly, arms, butt…
  • Freedom from being nervous to exercise.
  • Freedom to wear a dress without having to figure out where to put your pump.
  • Freedom from the “Can you eat that?”, “My uncle had diabetes and his foot fell off” comments.
  • Freedom from having to go over a company’s medical benefits with a fine tooth comb before accepting an offer.
  • Freedom from having to budget your monthly medical costs.
  • Freedom from 900 million doctors appointments every year.
  • Freedom from having to plan your pregnancy years before you want to actually get pregnant.
  • Freedom from wearing gadgets and robot parts.
  • Freedom from these robot parts beeping and vibrating at the most inopportune times.
  • Freedom from turning down or not initiating intimacy because you feel sick.
  • Freedom from second guessing your decisions regarding your meal choices, insulin dosage, activity level…
  • Freedom from guilt when your blood sugar is higher than you’d like.
  • Freedom from having to lug around all the diabetes crap everywhere you go.
  • Freedom from smelling like band aids.
  • Freedom from wondering if every tummy ache or head ache is related to your blood sugar.
  • Freedom from pump tubing getting caught on doorknobs.
  • Freedom from that “I feel sorry for you” look when someone finds out you have diabetes.
  • Freedom from glucose tablets.
  • Freedom from having to pack half a suitcase of diabetes supplies for a weekend trip.
  • Freedom from middle of the night low blood sugars that leave you feeling the “low hangover” the following day.
  • Freedom from having to take a moment to treat a low.
  • Freedom from your medical alert bracelet getting in your way.

Here’s to our hopeful future freedom!  Happy Independence Day!

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