Friday Fives – July 5

1.  Why do days away from work wreak havoc on my blood sugar even if I eat essentially the same?  I need to figure out a weekend/day off basal profile for my pump.

2.  I get happy when I see people wearing blue on Fridays, even though I’m pretty sure that most of the time it’s just coincidence.

3.  The other day I pricked my finger and had 4 blood spots.  Quads.

4.  It’s a good thing I don’t wear bikinis because the bruises on my belly from my pump site and a correction injection (nice rhyme!) are so not-very-attractive.

5.  I just ordered some SkinTac.  Carlyn, over at One Unit at A Time very kindly gave me a sample wipe to try with my CGM.  This stuff is amazing – I have no adhesive peeling and my sensor is 12 days old!  Thanks for introducing me to this magical stuff, Carlyn!

3 thoughts on “Friday Fives – July 5

  1. Re: #1 – I did that once. My old endo thought it was a good idea because I would sleep in so therefore I needed a completely different basal ratio in my mornings off. In reality, I was only giving an extra unit of basal per day during the weekends, so my new endo got rid of it.

    If you are more active on weekends, then your blood sugars will be affected. (And vice versa.)

  2. Just saw this, glad you like it (been on vaca, totally removed from the interwebz since the beginning of the month!) Can’t wait to see you ladies soon!

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