The day I lost it at the grocery store…

Yesterday I had a little bit of excitement at the grocery store.  As I was on my way there, I was chatting with my sister on my phone and we were mid-convo when I arrived so I hung out in the car for a bit to finish up our conversation.  Went into Kroger and after about 20 minutes, my sister texts me that my nephew had received the picture I drew for him (he sent my husband and I a picture in the mail so of course I had to draw him one, because what 5-year-old kid doesn’t love getting mail!?)  Anyway, according to my nephew, my picture was “Impressive”.  Ha!  Want to know what’s not so impressive?  Going to check your CGM and realizing, shit.  It’s not there.

Commence Panic.

OK, maybe it’s in my purse? I actually had the thought to throw it in my purse while I was on the phone with my sister.  I dump out the contents of my purse (which, as any D Lady knows, we don’t carry purses.  We carry Mary Poppins’ bag.  Picture a panicking lady dumping her purse into her shopping cart.  Yeah.)  Not there.


I retraced my steps all while freaking out… OMG, we can’t afford to pay full price for a new one.  What if someone sees it and thinks it’s an iPod and swipes it?  WHY have I been dragging my feet on making a label to put on it, explaining that it’s a medical device, reward if found, OMG I suck at life.  Ohmygod, Ohmygod, Ohmygod.

My heart was racing.  After not seeing it in the spots I had been, I go to the customer service counter, nearly crying, asking if it had been turned in and if they will make an announcement.  The woman does, but of course her announcement makes zero sense.  (Really how do you explain what a CGM is to someone who has no idea?).

I’m freaking the hell out.  Texting with my husband and panicking.  I said about 9,000 prayers to St. Anthony (who usually is listening when I lose stuff!).  As a last-ditch effort I think that maybe it fell off while I was walking into the store, maybe, just maybe the Diabetes-Gods will smile upon me and it wasn’t run over.  I ditch my half full cart in the produce section and head out to my car.

Don’t see it in the parking lot.  Fuuuuuuuuu……dge.   Maybe it’s in my car??  Please, please, please, let it be there.  I open the door…and….

FOUND IT.  It was in between my seat and my door.

Biggest sigh of relief ever.

I sent my husband a text that said “FOU D IT”, which he was able to decipher as “FOUND IT” (he’s so smart).  He wrote back that he was in his truck on his way to the store.  (I should’ve made him come and finish up the grocery shopping, cuz man, I needed a beer or something at this point!).

Friends, I was freaked the hell out for a good 30 minutes.  I rely so much on this device and should I lose it and can’t get it replaced under warranty, right now it just wouldn’t be in the cards to replace.  My heart is still racing.

Lesson learned.  Unless I am at home or at work, my Dexcom will stay securely IN something.  In my purse, my boxing bag, cup holder of my car.  The clip it comes with really just isn’t the best and I really do not want to have to have a panic attack at Kroger again.

Laura Fun Fact – I played Jane Banks in my Kindergarten production of Mary Poppins.  On video, there is a shot of me on stage , butt to the crowd, picking a massive wedgie.  I was a classy little kid.

Happy Diabetes Blog Check-In Day, everyone!

21 thoughts on “The day I lost it at the grocery store…

  1. Glad I’m not the only one that freaks out when it comes to misplacing D supplies! Is there somewhere that sells a special label we can personalize or is it a DIY adventure?

    • I’ll probably do a DIY thing just on the computer. Explaining that it’s a medical device, with my name, phone number, email address and a big, bold REWARD IF FOUND. I fear that if I do actually lose it, people won’t know the importance!

  2. I feel like the area of my car between my seat and the door hides so many things!

    I love that you called our purses Mary Poppins Bags! It’s so true. I carry a massive “mom” purse just to have room for the crazy things I need.

  3. I hate the feeling of losing something. I have given up on the Rx sunglasses that went missing last month during our move…luckily insurance bought me a new pair. Can’t begin to imagine what the epicness of the battle for a new piece of D Bling would be like with Cigna

  4. I’ve been there! I “lost” mine at a huge yard sale I was helping with for one of my daughter’s classes. We had just about finished cleaning up and everything was packed in the trailer to go to the thrift store when I realized my CGM was missing. That feeling of pure and utter panic is hard to describe (and still be rated PG). Like you.. mine was in the car.. under the first aid box. The black case is what kept me from seeing it. I now have mine in the brightest, most colorful, TallyGear case I could get.

    I’m glad you found it. Did you get ever get your drink?

  5. You’re making me panic! I ‘lost’ mine and found it in the exact same place you did. Made one of my part-timers at work travel back to an athletic field at 9pm at night to look for it. :/ Glad it all turned out well.

  6. If I ever get a Dexcom, I’m getting the kind where the receiver is tethered to my body by clear tubing. Because otherwise I KNOW I’d lose it. (I also won’t get an Omnipod unless the PDM comes with tubing for the same reason….)

  7. Oh my gosh, if I had a CGM and Dexcom I can so see that happening to me and I would react just like you! Marry Poppins bag? Yup, there is no other option.

  8. I’ve never lost the CGM receiver, but I did toss the transmitter! It’s too expensive to replace right now, so instead I’m just going to wait until the warranty is up. I’m so sad to be without it, but at least it’s something I can survive OK without. I’ve made it this long! (that’s what I keep telling myself)

  9. Yeah, where’s the LoJack or the GPS for those things anyway? Great post! Glad you found it. By the way, we used to just refer to it as Krog’s. Who needs an extra syllable?

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