I woke up this morning to a surprising BG of 271.  What the what?  I went to bed at 129.  How the heck does this work???  I do remember waking up to the high alarm around midnight and I gave myself a small bolus of 1.5 units to bring myself down.  I usually am a fan of the temp basal but I was obviously very sleepy!

I have my high snooze set at 60 minutes (Low is at 15) so I went back to dreamland confident that my Dexcom would wake me up if my BG didn’t come down.  I really like to have good numbers overnight because this accounts for a third of the day and therefore good overnight numbers will lead to a better a1c.  And that leads to baby time.  Babies.  Mush.  (My uterus has been screaming for a tenant lately, but that’s another blog for another day)

You can see where this is going.  My Dexcom didn’t wake me up and this morning I was surprised to see a 271 on my receiver.  I checked my settings and realize that my High snooze had been turned off.  I semi-sorta-kinda remember turning it off over the weekend because I didn’t want to be an annoying beeping cyborg while visiting my friend.

One should always remember to check her settings when one returns from a trip!

And, one needs to stop eating spaghetti.  :o(


Well, at least it was steady, but man, I hate seeing that giant yellow mountain!

5 thoughts on “Ooops.

  1. I’ve made it a point to lower my overnights too; I see it as a (somewhat) easy way to lower A1C, because those hours sleeping aren’t subject to postprandial spokes or ice-creamy temptations.

    It hasn’t gone too well lately, but I learned (still trying to learn, actually) that putting my sensor on my arm and then sleeping on my side causes the sensor to get “lost”. Or at least in MedT’s world it does.

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