Friday Fives – August 30th

Five things only a PWD has to think about:

1.  When buying a new purse…”does this have enough room for all my D supplies”?

2.  When wearing a dress…”Is the cleavage too low for the between boobs pump clip-age?”

3.  Before a workout…”Do I need to consume calories in order to burn calories?”

4.  When purchasing a bathing suit…”Tankinis.  Need to find all the tankinis”.  (I don’t know if any other female PWD feel this way, but I feel like one piece suits are a massive PITA when it comes to the pump.)

5.  All the time…”When was the last time I ate?  Do I need to check my BG?  Is that headache because I’m annoyed with work or because my BG is off?  I’m thirsty – am I high?  Did I remember to throw those glucose tabs in my purse?  Should I rage bolus or use a temp basal to get my BG down?  Do I really have to do all this again tomorrow?”

6 thoughts on “Friday Fives – August 30th

  1. Really? I’ve been a PWD since long before the term “PWD” existed, and three of those things I’ve NEVER thought about!

    (Actually, I have thought about cleavage a lot. Boobs too. But that was mostly in my late teenage years and in an entirely different context.)

    • Scott, you don’t base your purse-buying decisions on your D-stuff? And what the heck do you wear to swim?

      Haha, I should have specified a Female PWD. (Or I guess in some cases, Male. But hey, I don’t judge.)

      Have a great weekend!

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