12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 10.16.13

    • My first Dexcom bleeder. I’m grossly impressed with myself.

      Sensor, however, is behaving like an angel. Husband is convinced I’ll get an infection and my leg is going to rot. That would make for an interesting Halloween.

  1. we’ve had three bleeders IN A ROW, but never any before! i left bleeder #2 in place–worked out fine. we’re currently mid-week with bleeder #3. could it be the colder weather? (no.) could it be–is there a reason?

    are you leaving this juicy one in place?

    • YAY! For what it’s worth, that was my first bleeder since I started CGMing in the spring! AND – I am on week #3 with the bleeder and it’s working great! :o) I hope you’re able to get your’s quickly!!

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