“That is so cool.”

In a meeting the other day, a coworker noticed my CGM receiver (which I still rock in the Dexcom provided 1990s business-person themed leather snappy case thing).

“What is that?  A MP3 player?”

“Oh, it’s my continuous glucose monitor.  It tells me what my blood sugar is.  See?  Right now I’m 98 and steady.”  (I wanted him to high-five me for my awesome reading, but alas, he did not.)


“See this lump on my leg?  It’s a sensor that’s reading my blood sugar level.”

“So, does it alert you if you go out of range?  Is that what those lines are?”

(Dude. He must be brilliant.)

“Yup!  It beeps and vibrates and acts like a jerk if I go too high or too low.”


And to think, a couple of months ago I was all sorts of nervous about starting a new job and explaining diabetes and stuff.  Now I’m clearly the coolest kid on the block!


7 thoughts on ““That is so cool.”

  1. Isn’t it crazy how we worry so much about how CGMs and insulin pumps are going to look to others – and a few months later, we’re like: “I am awesome, rocking my Seven of Nine gear.”

  2. That IS cool. I wonder if he has some personal connection to diabetes; like he’s going to run home and call his friend/brother/mom and tell all about the Dexcom. Or maybe he’s just genuinely interested…

  3. Haha, this is too funny. Good for this guy! Glad he’s interested. Much better than the “Oh — you’re too young to have diabetes.” or “Oh, since you have this, it must do EVERYTHING else for you then, right?”

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