Arm Site Review

I’ve been wanting to try using the backs of my arms for a CGM site for quite some time now.  My High Risk OB told me that once I get pregnant (I’m not yet!) I shouldn’t wear my sensor on my thighs for some reason or other.  I forget what the reason was as it was an information-overload type of appointment, but anyway, I remembered she said that!  So when I got a mild rash from my last site, I decided it’d be time to give my thighs a break and try the back of my arms.  Sadly, I don’t have Cameron Diaz guns, so there is a lot of fleshy area to choose from.

I wanted to have my husband insert it (hehe, see what I did there?) but he seemed a little apprehensive, so I took matters into my own hands.  (You could go so dirty with that last sentence, but I’m going to assume that the kind readers of my blog will be keeping their minds out of the gutter.)  So, using a mirror, I put a sensor in the back of my left arm.  It wasn’t easy, but it was do-able.  I’ve been wearing this sensor for almost 2 weeks and had my husband reinforce it with some OpSite FlexiFix for me a few days in.  So far, it’s been sticking like a champ.  Probably better than it sticks to my thighs.

A few things I don’t like about the arm site – I seem to meet so many more door frames.  I swear, I’m constantly bumping it. Visibly, it is definitely more noticeable than thigh sites.  Also, I’ve noticed that overnight it doesn’t seem as accurate.  Maybe because I am a side sleeper and my sensor doesn’t have clear access to my receiver?  Regardless, I’ve woken up a few times with it pretty far off.  This morning I tested at 168 and my Dexcom said 102.  On Thanksgiving morning, it said I was 144 and I was 222.  I haven’t yanked it due to this inaccuracy just yet, as it only seems to happen over night.

Also, it’s really nice to not have to remember to be careful of my sensor every time I go to the bathroom.  I think the arm is definitely the way to go as far as out-of-way-ness, (as long as I miss those door frames!), but accuracy-wise, my thighs seem to work a little bit better.  But, it is great to know that my arms may be a good Dexcom spot for a future pregnancy!


6 thoughts on “Arm Site Review

  1. Actually, I’m really curious why the HROB said no leg sensors during pregnancy. I’m also looking for alternative real estate for my mosquito sensors because there is too much scar tissue in my abs for sensors to work properly. If you can remember… 🙂

      • I could venture a guess that it could have to do with infection rates. But that could just be me, who yanked out a painful sensor from my thigh yesterday and I was left with a giant red welt. (Which I was sad about – the accuracy was so good!.)

  2. There’s no need to take it into your own hands. I’m always willing to insert it if you need a willing participant. Just fly me there and put me up in a nice hotel 😛
    I actually pulled a site after 9 days because the accuracy sucked. Anywhere between 10 off (fine by me) and 75 (gonna get yanked if you keep that up) Moved to other arm and it’s been better.
    I am interested in trying the thigh, but think there will be to many clothing issues.

  3. When you find out why not to use the thigh let me know! I always use the thigh and I’m 16 weeks now…my endo and CDE say its fine! My HR OB hadn’t even seen a dexcom so I dunno who to trust!

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