Friday Fives – June 28

1.  I really wish the Dexcom showed your 24 hour average blood sugar on the receiver!

2.  I may have to try the side boob as a pump site.  Just to see.

3.  I love the weekly DSMA twitter chats.  So fun!

4.  My MySugr monster’s name is Dia-Butthead.  He’s not supposed to be so cute, is he?

5.  Pre-bolusing is a tricky thing when you realize that your baguette is stale.

Wordless Wednesday – Pizza Party Pooper!


Pizza is a party pooper!


OK, not so wordless post, but my pretty-ish little graph needs an explanation.  On Friday night the hubs was getting home from traveling and instead of being an awesome wife and cooking a home-cooked welcome home meal, I decided to order pizza.  Since Pizza + Diabetes = Pain in the bolusing behind, I decided to do a combo bolus of 75% (6 units) pre-meal and 25% (2 units) 90 minutes post meal.  Didn’t work so hot.  I think next time I’ll try a 60/40 split with the second bolus 2-2.5 hours post-meal.  Oh, pizza, why do you have to be so good but so bolus-confusion-worthy?