“That is so cool.”

In a meeting the other day, a coworker noticed my CGM receiver (which I still rock in the Dexcom provided 1990s business-person themed leather snappy case thing).

“What is that?  A MP3 player?”

“Oh, it’s my continuous glucose monitor.  It tells me what my blood sugar is.  See?  Right now I’m 98 and steady.”  (I wanted him to high-five me for my awesome reading, but alas, he did not.)


“See this lump on my leg?  It’s a sensor that’s reading my blood sugar level.”

“So, does it alert you if you go out of range?  Is that what those lines are?”

(Dude. He must be brilliant.)

“Yup!  It beeps and vibrates and acts like a jerk if I go too high or too low.”


And to think, a couple of months ago I was all sorts of nervous about starting a new job and explaining diabetes and stuff.  Now I’m clearly the coolest kid on the block!


A quick note to my (Moody) CGM Sensor

Dear Sensor,

I know, I know.  You are on day 9 of 24/7 work and you’re tired.  Believe me, I get it.  Your fatigue lead to a non-reading of “???” right at bed time last night.  When, I just happened to be running in the 300s (Damn you Cookout milkshake and your heavenly goodness).  I decided to see if perhaps you just needed a nap and would resurrect yourself as I have heard rumors of this happening.  I, being the responsible nervous diabetic (Hey, I just read a story about a 29 year old’s dead in bed death), set my alarm for 1:30 am to check my sugar.  Imagine my surprise when you not only resurrected, but you resurrected accurately!  Only off by 18, woot!  It lives!

But, sensor pal, you seem to have quite the case of the Mondays today (I do too – I am really angry that I didn’t win the powerball and am here, at the j.o.b). You, without consulting me, have decided that last night’s break wasn’t enough and you needed another nap this morning.  Seriously, how tired can you be?  Fine, nap, because, well, I’m at work and don’t have one of your pals around to replace you (mental note, throw spare sensor into my work bag).  You nap, you snore, and all of a sudden !buzz!, you are alive and ready to take on the world!

Or maybe not.  After your miraculous second resurrection, you informed me that my sugar was 274, when in reality it was 199.  That’s it; you are out of the circle of trust today, Sensor!  I will not be trusting your readings until I can replace you.

Wait just a minute.  I just checked my sugar and it’s 139, but you are telling me I’m 144.  Could it be?  Are you back and back for good?  Or are you just going to continue to drive me nuts like a pms-ing 16 year old girl going through a breakup?

What’s it going to be sensor?  Huh?

Your Master

A1c sads.

I have the sads.

I’ve been trying really hard to get my A1c down to a “Conception happy” range (6.0-7.0 or lower).  This has been my focus for the past 6 months or so and until now I’ve been making slow, but steady, progress.  *HIGH FIVE* to me!  “It’s a marathon, not a sprint”, “Slow and steady wins the race”, all that fun stuff, right?

In June of last year I started with a new doctor and an A1c of 8.7, by September it had dropped to 8.2, and I started the year off in January with a 7.8.  Go team!  I was especially happy with that January number as I got married and subsequently ate my face off on our honeymoon.  Whoops.  Honeymoons happen.  I’ve also been on a “Pump Vacation” for the past 8 months, and until today it seemed to be helping my number.

Today’s A1c…7.9.  :sadface:  Doc and I discussed and he’s happy that I’m steady, but we both agree that I need to be steady at about 6.9.  A few tweaks were made to my insulin to carb ratios – yay more math brain exercises for me!  (All diabetics should be handed an honorary math degree on date of diagnosis, don’t you agree?).  Doc and I feel that with my new CGM and going back on the pump in a few weeks, my next appointment will be happy once again.

If only every day could be like today:


How you like me now, A1c?

Until I reach that elusive 6.5-ish, I will remember:

“Every Strike brings me closer to the next home run”.

I’m gonna hit this puppy outta the park.

Growing Pains.

The other day, a package arrived for me.


I didn’t realize it was Christmas!


See how happy I was?


After charging my receiver and watching the tutorial videos (twice), I was ready to rock and roll.


Let’s do this!

Inserted my sensor using the handy-dandy instructions.  Watching the tutorial videos definitely helped!



Beeeep. Booop. Bee-Boop. (Robot Speak?)

I am now, a partial cyborg.  I will consider myself a full cyborg once my Ping arrives, but alas, that is another story for another day.

I was very nervous about the first insertion.  I thought it would hurt more than changing an infusion site on a pump, but honestly, I didn’t feel it at all.  Which made me wonder if I did it wrong.  The only challenge was positioning of my hands, which I’m sure will get easier as I get used to the process.  Also, my boobs kind of got in the way.  May be a little easier to do in front of the mirror.

After the two hour waiting period, I calibrated my new toy.  Everything was running great, I was compulsively checking my Dexcom to see what my sugar was doing and was quickly falling in love.

However, after my shower, I received an unwelcome present:


Not the question marks!


Siiiiiigh.  As any PWD will tell you, nothing goes as planned!  I impatiently waited the 3 hours for my Dexcom to come back online and give me readings, but alas, it had gone to Dexcom Sensor Heaven – as confirmed by the very nice, very kind Dexcom rep I spoke to.  (FYI, they are sending me a new sensor, no questions asked!)


Being that it was 11:00pm at this point, I decided to go to bed.  However, I did leave the sensor in with the hopes that maybe, just maybe it would come back to life.  Plus, I thought it may be a good idea to get used to sleeping with it.  But, I woke up this morning and my receiver was still giving me the ??? attitude, so off the sensor went.

It was a bit easier to insert the sensor the second time around, which reinforces my thought that it will become much less awkward.

After waiting the 2 hours and calibrating, I have been getting readings all day with no errors.  I am exercising my OCD tendencies and checking my new toy every few minutes.  It is SO COOL to see what my sugar is doing.  And, being that I am a nerd, I have tested a few times for comparison.


Pretty dang accurate!

Of course no day with D is complete with out some sort of fluctuating blood sugar.  My Dexcom started vibrating as my coworker and I were getting lunch and it said I was reading “72”. I had just tested myself a few minutes before to give myself my lunch time bolus and was 93, so I’m not sure if I dropped that quickly in the few blocks between the office and the cafe or what.  But I felt OK and figured I’d test when I got back to my desk.

By that time my Dexcom was vibrating like crazy and all I could see was the double down arrows.


Came back to the office and sure enough:


Felt closer to 69 than 49.

Luckily, I wasn’t too terribly low, however I did enjoy the company of a vibrating Dexcom during my lunch break.  Although the reading on the Dexcom wasn’t 100% accurate, I was glad for the head’s up.

So that’s my first day 6 hours with the Dexcom.