So, about that First Trimester.

That was the worst hangover of my life.

Literally, the first trimester was like a hangover that wouldn’t end.  Without the funny stories or pictures from the night before.  What a buzzkill.  I, unfortunately, suffered from morning sickness something fierce.  I naively expected it to be along the lines of feeling sick, puking, and feeling better.  Not so much.  I’d feel sick, puke, and continue to feel sick.  Luckily, I was able to get a prescription for zofran, which helped, but didn’t eliminate, the symptoms.  At one point, I blew a blood vessel in my eye and my eyeball filled up with blood.  Stayed like that for 2 weeks.  I looked preeeeeetttttttttty.  (Pictures available upon request).

My blood sugars did well during the first trimester.  I didn’t really experience the constant lows that some pregnant Ds talk about.  I did experience MORE lows, but I would treat and most of the time they would play nicely and come up.  I’d have a random stubborn low, but that’s par for the course with diabetes, right?  My A1c hung out between 5.7 (!!!) and 6.3.  My endo wants me below 6.5, so she’s happy with that!

One thing that did kick in for me – hypo unawareness.  Many times my CGM would bark at me and I’d be like, “LIAR!  I don’t feel low!” only to test and yeah, be in the 50s.  Thank goodness for that little gadget.  It woke me up quite a few times overnight with it’s beeping so I could treat a low.

On the topic of morning sickness and lows…probably the most frustrating for me with this whole pregnancy thing (thus far) is feeling nauseated AFTER bolusing for meals.  To combat this, I’d try to eat as much as I could and either rock a temp basal of 0 for quite some time or, if my tummy allowed, down a glass of milk.

In the grand scheme of things, the first trimester went pretty smoothly.  Along with the common pregnancy symptoms (I could’ve napped!), diabetes definitely had a role, but I followed the mantra of “Correct and overcome.”  I’m not shy about tweaking pump settings or trying new things.  Being pregnant with diabetes is definitely not a walk in the park but with a good attitude, careful monitoring, and persistence, it’s definitely manageable.

I’m 22 weeks now.  I’ll update on the second trimester happenings soon!


High Risk OB Consultation

Doctors, doctors, and more doctors.  Sounds like I’m going to have to get used to this!

The hubs and I went to see my newest medical BFF, the high risk OB who will be holding my hand throughout future pregnancy.  On the urging of my endo, the husband accompanied me and I am glad he did.  He had an opportunity to get his questions answered and learned some medical stuff about Type 1s and baby building.

I had built up the appointment a lot in my head.  I expected a lecture about my weight (she said I’m “Only mildly overweight”, love her!), about my BG swings (“You swing, yes, but you stay in a good range, I’m pleased”), and I kind of thought there would be a physical.  (Luckily there wasn’t, yay!).

She answered all of our questions and gave us a bit of a “What to expect when I’m finally expecting” rundown.  A lot of info about why my insulin needs will increase and decrease, the risks of birth defects and miscarriage and one statistic that she provided that surprised me.  She said that our future child has a 1/10 chance of becoming Type 1.  However, everything I’ve read is that our child has a 1/100 chance due to me having him/her way after the age of 25.  I told her that is what I had seen on the interwebs and in some books so either she’s wrong or I need to learn how to use the google better.

Either way, it doesn’t change anything.  Yes, my pregnancy will be more risky.  Yes, our kid may have a higher risk of XYZ, but I am fully confident that with some discipline on my part, support from our friends and family, and careful guidance by an awesome medical team, we will have a healthy baby.

She also said that from 30-32 weeks on, I will be visiting her office twice per week(!!!) to measure the baby’s growth and progress and make sure everything is good.  Yikes.  Luckily I started a new job where I have a lot more flexibility (including Fridays off!) but this still was like “WHOA!”.  I wonder if they offer housing for their patients, seeing as I’m going to be living there?

That’s about it.  It was a good appointment and I’m glad we had it, however she didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know.  I would definitely recommend a consultation for those thinking about a pregnancy, if anything just to get you established as a patient of the practice so you aren’t scrambling to find a good OB once you get the positive pee stick.

So, now comes the fun part, right?