Thoughtful Thursday…

No, Thoughtful Thursday probably won’t become a regular thing.  But I have been thinking about my sweet little nephew a lot and wrote him the following poem.

To Joshua

I was so excited when your mommy told me you’d be coming into this world.
I waited with eager anticipation to find out if you were a boy or a girl.
Another nephew! How could I find the love for another little boy?
Easy, for I knew you would bring such happiness and joy!

Finally you were born, your face, so sweet.
I knew you’d melt the heart of everyone you’d meet.
I loved your big, curious eyes, tiny fingers, little hands.
But now we know that God had His own plans.

The three months you were here, you stole my heart.
Now it seems as if there is a missing part.
I miss your coos, your big goofy smile.
I don’t understand why God would take a perfect child.

The moment your mommy called me and told me the horrible news,
I didn’t understand, I was so confused.
Joshua? But he’s so little and so new.
His moments on Earth, so precious and few.

I was so excited to be your loving aunt.
But now I’m so angry because I can’t.
I can’t spoil you and give you treats.
But somehow I have to find peace.

Josh, I’ll miss you more than you know.
I’ll miss watching you learn, love, and grow.
I know you’re an angel, looking down on us here.
I love you baby boy, my nephew dear.

I will be participating in the Bella Rose Strides for Babies Event next month.  If you are interested in donating in memory of Joshua and to fund SIDS research, feel free to contact me.  Thanks for reading!