I suck at blogging.

I’m sorry friends, but I’ve majorly dropped the ball on blogging.  I apologize!!  I honestly can say I have no idea when I will become a regular blogger again, life just seems crazy right now and I imagine it will get even crazier in a few weeks when this small person arrives.

So, an update.  I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant and everything is going pretty well.  I’ve had a few bumps along the road.  The first was when my AFP level measured a bit high, which can be an indicator for neural tube defects.  PWD are slightly more susceptible to having babies with NTD, but after a “perfect” ultrasound, my husband and I decided not to undergo further testing.  I was re-assured that some folks just have higher AFP levels and mine was not alarmingly high.

Things had been going along well, blood sugars have been great (my A1cs have been between 5.7 and 6.4, with my most recent at 6.0).  I went in a few weeks ago for a followup growth ultrasound to find that my little pumpkin is not so little and is measuring 3 weeks ahead.  At that point doc wanted to wait and see how things were looking at my next ultrasound.  So I waited.

At the followup to the followup, the baby was still measuring large – 6.5 pounds according to the ultrasound tech, when a “normal” weight is around 4-4.5 pounds.  Yikes.  They are a bit confused because my blood sugars have been so good and my fluid level is perfect.  But, some babies are just big.  And according to my doc, regardless of blood sugar control, sometimes T1Ds just have bigger babies.  This has led to a discussion of when I will deliver and I have been told that it is looking more likely that I will be induced “During week 37”, assuming the growth trend continues.  Ummmm, that’s the week of 10/20.  That’s, like, tomorrow.

Also at this ultrasound, it’s been discovered that the baby has a mild elevated fluid level on one of the brain ventricles.  The doctors don’t seem too concerned so I am trying not to worry about it (and trying not to google!)  From what I’ve read, the level the baby is presenting is usually “nothing”, however if it is something, it could lead to developmental delays and things of that nature.  I have another ultrasound a week from friday, so we will see what’s what then.  We will also determine if we are looking at an induction or C-section due to the baby’s size.

I have learned, especially in the past few weeks, that I am not one of those women who loves being pregnant.  Everything hurts and I swear, every pregnancy ailment one could have, I have.  Carpal tunnel – got it.  My fingers are tingly as I write this.  Plantar fascitis – yup, heels feel like they are on fire.  And of course, throw on the back aches, foot/ankle swelling, fatigue, constant trips to the bathroom, and the added bonus of managing diabetes…I’m pretty crabby.  I really wish I could just sit home and gestate for the next few weeks until this small person makes their debut, but alas, work has to be done.  But, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that when I’m holding my little (big) pumpkin, it will all be worth it.