Wordless Wednesday – Perspective


A day with my current settings of 75/170. I don’t like that yellow!


Changing my high setting back to the default (200) makes me feel much better about my day. 🙂


I currently have my Dexcom settings on 75/170 but sometimes, if I go over the 170 high threshold, I change the threshold back to the default (200) to see if the day was really that bad.  Sometimes, it makes me feel much better about my sugars, which may be needed after a particularly mentally challenging Diabetes Day.  A little mental boost goes a long way.


(Don’t worry, I always change it back to 170.)

3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Perspective

  1. I’ve never liked the color-coded alerts on diabetes devices (I wrote a blog about it awhile back). When I use them, I’m looking for a number and just a number – not a judgment. I can interpret that number in my own mind (and in context), and I resent that the devices, by use of color, tell me if its good or bad.

    • I play a game with myself – I strive for no yellow.
      I do wish the Dexcom had a spot on the receiver to give you your averages – 24, 12, and 4-6 hour would be great. Maybe with their next one?

  2. Haha, when I was going to print my CGM reports out for my last endo appointment, I definitely played with the limits, my BG looked so much better on the graph when my high threshold was 200, but it was slightly misleading so I changed it back to 170 (one time previously she thought my #s were AWESOME because they were within the “limits”)

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