She’s got legs, she may as well use them…


I really need to start doing some sit-ups. Yikes.

Man, two weeks in to pumping and CGM-ing and I already feel like I’m running out of real-estate.   I’ve been sticking to my belly for both, with the exception of using my upper right side of my tooshie for one pump cycle.  Since my boobs get in the way during insertion arms aren’t long enough to reach around to my left side, the upper bum area is limited to the right side.  Until I either become ambidextrous (“I’m not an ambi-inserter!” Name the movie), get really good at yoga, or lose some pounds, it seems the pump will have to be inserted on my belly, right butt cheek, or legs, which I’ve never tried.  I’ve never worn it on my arm either and for me it just doesn’t seem particularly comfortable with the tubing.

However, I decided to be a big girl and try wearing my CGM sensor on my leg.  Even though Dexcom says it should be in the belly only (because this is where they did their testing when getting FDA approval), I’ve read on the interwebs that you can really put it anywhere you feel comfortable.  I’ve heard from a lot of people who wear it on their thighs and love it.  So I’m giving it a whirl!

Insertion was a little weird as I’ve never done it before (that sounds like something a high schooler would say after prom night if you know what I’m sayin’), but other than feeling the needle a little more than I do in my tummy, it was fine.  I have it on my upper right thigh, towards the outside but not so far on the side that I will feel it when I sleep (I’m a side sleeper).  I haven’t noticed it much and it’s nice to not be rubbing against my desk at work.  I’m conscious of it when I use the bathroom as I don’t want to rip it out and be annoyed that I just wasted a sensor.  I used tons of Opsite FlexiFix per my usual and I can see that I will probably need to reinforce my tape in the next few days, simply due to pulling my pants up and down every time I use the ladies’.  There is a little bump under my pants but I think it’s one of those things that unless you know it’s there and know to look for it, you wouldn’t notice.  I’ll be attending my boxing class tonight, but I don’t anticipate it being annoying.

4 thoughts on “She’s got legs, she may as well use them…

  1. I’ve been wanting to try my legs as infusion or CGM sites for awhile also. I tried it with the CGM (the Medtronic aka jumbo-sized one) and it hurt like hell…felt it with every step. But where on my legs? That’s the question….I’m worried about clothes rubbing against them all the time, and about hitting muscle.

    Be sure to let us know how it works out.

    • I’m wearing it on my upper thigh, over towards the side, but not on the side as I’m a side sleeper. I think if I wore it in the inside of my things it’d be horribly uncomfortable as I’m not a super model and my thighs rub together. =P

      I think the clothes rubbing will definitely cause some issues with the adhesive, but I can just reinforce with extra!

  2. hehehe! I think you do become a bit more flexible over time. You’ve read my post on ‘work your sites’ so you know the sites I use. Recently I’ve been preferring my arms. It is difficult to insert it there. I usually either get the hubby to insert it, or i’ll stand next to a wall and press my arm against the wall to bring the meatier part of the arm up. Then I just insert it, it usually feels ok. Oh I clip the pump to my top, during the whole thing. It’s quiet tricky. I use to use my legs a lot ( used the inner thigh once, it just feels strange), but I’m giving my legs a break. I find my legs to be the most comfortable. I get my sensor which works with the Animas Vibe this Thursday YAY! I can’t wait. My finger tips have seen better days!! Happy Pumping 🙂

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