Friday Five, 6/7

  • Running high for the past few days, changed pump site with 50 units of insulin left (HATE wasting insulin!), of course I pick a spot where I sit down and my jeans dig into it.  Site change fail.  At least it’s forcing me to sit up straight.  My mom would be so proud.
  • I picked the worst diabetes day I’ve had in a long time for my #dayofdiabetes on Twitter.  I still can’t figure out how to insert tweets into WordPress to make a pretty blog so I can summarize it.  Help?
  • It’s free donut day at Dunkin!  I was pleasantly surprised when I went to get my friday coffee and have enjoyed half of my chocolate glazed donut and am saving the other half for after lunch.  I really rock at dieting.  (Don’t worry, I’m counting the calories!)
  • Had my fourth overnight low in a row last night.  Very odd as my overnight sugars thus far have been great with my new pump.
  • I don’t understand this.  Is the lotion diabetic?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to be “Skin Relief lotion for diabetics?”

    I sure hope this lotion gets it’s a1c in check.

    Have a great weekend!!!

14 thoughts on “Friday Five, 6/7

  1. I had a co-worker say something to me the other day about this lotion. I laughed, she had a total serious look on her face, but I just said that they will market anything to get somthing to sell.

  2. I’m not going to comment on the lotion, but with the “symptoms” of your blood sugars you are describing… You are describing my blood sugars in the first few weeks of… Go get a test. 😉

      • It’s one of those things where the timing wouldn’t be perfect (is it ever) and after the shock wore off, I’m sure we’d both be over the moon.

        But other than wonky sugars (which I’ve had before and was not pregnant), I have no symptoms. If I miss a period, I’ll definitely test. 🙂

      • Whether it’s planned or not. For us it was still a huge surprise, but a welcomed surprise. Not everyone has symptoms. I didn’t till the 4th / 5th week. I only tested early because of a missed P and crazy sugars. I didn’t believe it till the doc confirmed it with my blood results. Yea wait it out and see what happens 😃 xx

      • Were your sugars crazy high or crazy low? I’ve read on the interwebs that it’s usually low. Mine have just been everywhere for the past couple of days.

      • Well mine were all over the place, then all of a sudden I had a lot of lows! The lows were throughout the day and night. It settled and was normal. Towards the end of the pregnancy I suffered with lows again, My rates were so low and I was still having lows. 😳Naughty me I even detached from my pump ( sugars remained normal). That’s another story lol

  3. My husband keeps telling me I need this lotion. I’m fairly certain that the other lotions have been working just fine. Haha. 🙂

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