Last day of vacation!

Whenever I go on vacation, I get what the Hubs calls the vacation blues.  I’ll get sad when we’re on like, day 2, of vacation.  “We only have 5 days left!  Wah.”  The Hubs reminds me to just relax and enjoy and I think the past few vacations we’ve gone on, I’ve been getting better at savoring the moment and not being grumpy pants that vacations don’t last forever (until we win the Powerball).

Today is my last day of my extended pump vacation.  Since my Endo’s office was able to get me in earlier than anticipated, I haven’t really had time to get the pump vacation ending blues.  But, there are definitely a few things I will miss about being un-plugged:

  1. Wearing dresses is so much easier w/out a pump.  Seriously, those leg pouches, not comfy.  Wearing the pump between your boobs, well, not so comfy either.  And it’s real attractive to go fishing for your pump in your cleavage when you’re out to dinner.  No, I’m not getting frisky with myself at the dinner table…
  2. Sexy time.  Let’s get real.  “Hold on honey, let me disconnect” isn’t exactly sexy foreplay.  It is much easier to be spontaneous when you aren’t a cyborg.
  3. Swimming, beaching, hot tubbing.  Not that I do these things often, but again, easier w/out a pump and having to disconnect.
  4. Exercising.  The bouncy-bounce-bouncy-ness of the pump while working out can get really annoying.  They need to make pump sport bras or something.
  5. I feel like diabetes isn’t as in your face when on MDI.  Granted the multiple injections every day are a reminder, but you can almost forget you have the D in between them.  The pump is connected to you 24/7, it’s visible to others, it beeps, it makes you bump into things (Am I the only one who is constantly grazing doorways?), etc.  It’s a constant reminder that you need a machine to do what your pancreas was supposed to do.  Seriously, pancreas…you had one job.  One.

However, all that being said, I’m pretty excited to go back on pump therapy.  I think I’ve made the right decision moving to the Animas Ping/Dexcom combo so I can get that elusive 7.0 (or lower) a1C.  The Ping is pretty nifty as it has a meter-remote so I can bolus right from my meter (makes wearing dresses a little easier, no boobie fishing here!).  It is water proof so swimming and such is a bit easier, although I do anticipate I will still disconnect, but this way if my Hubs wants to throw me in the pool, he can.  Exercising and sexy time…well, it is what it is.  The Hubs doesn’t make me feel any less sexy just because I have an extra step to take before getting busy.  (Thanks, honey!)  The bouncy-ness of the pump while exercising will probably always be a matter of trial and error.  I’ve found that wearing shorts/capris with compression fabric around the waist and turning the pump in towards your body helps a lot.

As far as the in your face-ness of the pump…well, I’ve been working on embracing my diabetes.  This is me.  Take it or leave it.  And, if nothing else, it’s a conversation starter.  “Why do you wear a pager?  Are you a doctor?”  “OMG, pagers are sooooooo 1996.”  “My nephew has a pump, but his is blue.”  I also like getting “the nod” from other pumpers.  We pumpers know what’s up.

And, if all else fails, there are always pump vacations to be had.  But I do imagine that once small human is created and comes into our lives, I really will be appreciative of the convenience the pump provides.  So right now, a few hours before my new cyborg life, I am feeling excited, empowered, and surprisingly not very blue.  I am going to relax and enjoy this trip!

One thought on “Last day of vacation!

  1. This was a very encouraging post. I loved it. I’ve said it before, I am not on the pump, though sometimes I wish I were. I do love that I don’t have to “disconnect” myself. I am excited to read about your pump adventures though. 🙂

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